Caring For Your Jewelry

 ♦ Anna Banana Jewelry should not be immersed in water or cleaning chemical.
♦ Clean your Anna Banana Jewelry with a soft cloth before storing. Perspiration as well as body oils can harm the jewelry.
♦ Use the Anna Banana Silk Pouch and Box to store your Jewelries.  

Caring For Your Silk Items

♦ Anna Banana selected Precious Silk items with Delicate Designs such as the Silk Ties,  Silk Pocket Square and Silk Foulard.
♦ For Anna Banana Silk product, hang them in your bathroom when you take a hot shower, the steam will loosen the fibres. 
♦ To iron your Anna Banana Silk items,  keep a low temperature with a lot of steam. 
♦ Do not put the iron directly on your them, but put it under a -shirt or a cotton towel.

Caring For Your Wool Items

♦ Anna Banana the woolly hats and caves such as The French Beret, The Pom-Pom Beanie, The Knitted Maxi Scarf and The Wool Scarf.
♦ Although Anna Banana wool material itself is very strong and very effective in keeping us warm and snugs even in the coldest of conditions, it can become damaged easily if the wrong cleaning products, or the wrong cleaning techniques are used.
♦ Hand washing is often considered to be the safest method of washing wool accessories because it offers complete control over how the material is handled. 
♦ While the newer washing machines today offer settings and cycles that mimic hand washing, a good old bucket of water is still the preferred method for many wool lovers.